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It is normal in the academic writing industry for clients to get dissatisfaction with products that are provided by an essay service. We acknowledge that our writers may sometimes deviate from the instructions out of misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Sometimes we fail to notice one detail or one word which changes the entire perspective of your paper.  In such circumstances, you can make a formal request for a revision, after all you never got what you asked for and so it is our duty to provide you with that and give you value for your money.

If there are any amendments that you want to be made, please keep in touch with our support team within a period of 7 days. However; we prefer that once you download your product, you should take some time to go through it immediately, so that you make a request on time. This will save the company, the writer and you time. You are also likely to save on some cash, as opposed to when you stack the assignment after downloading until the due date only to realize it is nothing close to what was expected of you.

There are a couple of paramount conditions that you must keep in mind that might invalidate your revision request. I am sure that this makes a lot of sense. First of all, the customer should not change anything in the paper before sending it back for revision. Just note in a different document what you need to be done to make it better. Make sure that you adhered to all the terms and conditions of the company as breach of any term will lead to more than just a denial of a revision. When you are making your revision request, verify that they are in accordance with the first order you submitted to us.


Free of Charge Revision

This refers to the modifications you get on your paper that are in-line with the first order that you made. It happens when the customer receives the paper, previews it and realizes that it is not matching the instructions he/she gave to the company. Usually there are time limits as to when you should submit a request for a revision. For a free revision, it has to be within the specified timeline. The best way do it is to highlight, on your original order, with a different color areas that did not meet your specifications.

Paid Revision

Here, you will be required to pay some amount for a revision. This usually happens when your request for a revision has additional instructions for the paper, or the revision window period has expired. The amount charged is considerable and commensurate to the amount of changes involved and the urgency.

No revision

Sometimes there are so many changes involved in a paper that a new order is recommended. Here, you get a different writer to undertake your assignment and do a fresh work. will always have the interest of our customers at hand, and we can never take advantage of you. We will never advise you to place a new order if it is not absolutely necessary.

Our inspiration is the satisfaction of our clients that is the reason we attempt to guarantee that our papers are of high standards and 100% unique.

As much as we work hard and smart to give you the product corresponding to your instructions, often customers will request for revisions of the work for a number of reasons. We have a policy in place to take care of that which states as follows:

  1. The instructions issued for the revision should not be different from the ones contained in the original order. For instance, if in your original order you stated that you require particular references and the revision request states that you need additional ones, it means that the two are different, and a revision is denied. However, the revision can be done but it will result in additional payment which will be determined by the company according to the degree of variation involved. This expense will be charged to your account. There is no statement that gives the exact cost since revisions are not standard. There is a contact support team that is always available. If curious about how much it will cost you, speak to our team, explain vividly what you need to be done in your paper, and they will tell you the the amount that you should pay.
  2. If the revision request is exactly or similar to the original order, you have guaranteed revision. This will be executed at no extra fee. All you need done will be granted as per your request. If it is not the customer’s fault that the error occurred, we will acknowledge that and accept the request immediately.
  3. For a revision request to be free, it has to reach our desk within one week -7 days after submission to the customer. Requests made after seven days will result in additional charges which, again, are discussed with our support contact center. Always check with the support team for the charges because each revision will be different from other.
  4. While you are at it, you as the customer will have a right to request for a different writer if you feel that the quality of the work submitted to you is substandard. We will check on the quality or the validity of your reason for demanding another writer and if valid, your request will be granted.
  5. By reading and understanding the above clauses, you consent to the terms and conditions of our review policy and re legally bound by them.

We care about our clients, and we want them to always be happy and ready to come back for our services. That is why we will keep doing revisions until you are satisfied and ensured that what we give you is indeed what you need. We want our customers to feel valued, and as we always say, customers are our bosses and so we will always act to their needs.

The pride of any company is to provide the best services for customer retention and evangelism marketing. We want that satisfied customer to bring one more customer. We try as much to provide a blend of affordability and cost. Sometimes free revisions are not assured, but be sure that once you are in compliance with the following conditions then we guarantee you a free revision, because at we provide you with nothing but quality academic help.

  • The instructions on the revision request should not deviate from the ones in the original order. The variance is determined by our quality assurance team. If they approve that the two instructions are the same or similar, then your free revision is granted, otherwise you will have to pay extra for the revision.
  • All requests are handled by the customer support department. You can contact this group through our support email, our telephone numbers or even the online chat. You will be expected to bring their attention to your problem. Once they are aware, you can now make a formal notification or request through the email. Please note that even after communicating with support team through other means you will be required to make the formal request through writing. No revision will be done without a formal notification.
  •  If you are not contented with the paper after downloading it, feel free to contact the support immediately. You also have a seven day period to check everything and make a formal notification for a revision request.

Here are a few instances when the customer will be required to pay for revision:

  • If the writer has started working on your order and you submit a new set of instructions or make an adjustment to the original specifications. The writer has already put in some effort and time into working on your initial order and will need to change the perspective of the research to align with the new order. It means then that you will be required to pay some amount of work done or as damages for the time. This amount will be evaluated and charged to your account.
  • If the professor or the tutor provides a new set of instructions or makes some modifications to the assignment, and the customer had already submitted an order to us, then it means that changes will trickle down to the writer.  Such changes may include; additional pages, number of references, referencing and formatting styles, the scope, etc. This may end up affecting the complexity of the task. Consultations will take place to determine the net changes of the work and the cost implications which will be transferred to the customer.
  • If the customer knowingly or unknowingly misses some information or enters the wrong information while making an order and does not rectify within two hours after payment, then it means that the writer will do the wrong task. Considering that we allow some time for order verification by the customer before we assign it to writers, the extra charges will be paid by the customer. Note that any work the company does that is indicated on the order is due for payment whether you needed it or not, so always pay attention to your order details before submitting.
  • Sometimes your assignment may require us to use references that are not available freely to the public. If you can’t provide the resources, then you will advise the company to purchase them and we will bill you separately. Note that writers will not buy any material without proper consultation with the company and the customer.
  • In the event that the writer needed extra resources that are not found freely, and the customer did not respond to emails from the support department, and the writer somehow managed to acquire the materials online, then the customer will be billed the amount in full and he/she must pay. Additionally if the client failed to provide resources in time and the writer used materials from the Internet, and the customer sends documents later, this will be considered a revision and must be paid in full.

Given that the above conditions are achieved, our company will offer as many free revisions as you may need.

There are instances when a new order might just be a solution:

  • In case your revision request does not meet the conditions for revision and you have new requirements with new resources, or the revision period has expired, you should consider filing for a new order with a new set of explicit instructions - only this time read and re-read them before submitting.

If you downloaded your product, ensure that you go through it and check whether it matches your specifications.  All these should be done within the period of seven days. Note that this period starts to calculate automatically after you download the product, and once it’s over, you cannot claim a revision.

After the seven-day period, you will not be allowed to make a revision request. If anything, you can only make a new order for proofreading and editing services.

This revision policy has been put together in order to strike a balance of operations between and our customers. Our greatest desire is to protect the right of every customer and alleviate any form of misapprehensions.