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About us

It was only several years ago that we 'opened our doors'. To say that we had humble beginnings would be a great understatement. What is now began with three recent college graduates, a dial-up internet connection, two laptops, and a desktop PC that was nearly a decade old. We struggled a lot that first year, but we knew that we had a great business idea, and that we would eventually become successful. Six years later, and here we are. We are proud to state that we are one of the busiest and most reputable writing providers on the internet. Students and business professionals seek us out over and over again to provide them with both academic and business related writing services. We are proud to help students succeed in school, and proud to help business owners grow and develop their businesses. 

About Our Writers

Every member of the team that founded has been passionate about writing since childhood. We formed this company because we wanted to write every day, help others, and open a successful business. When we hire writers today, we look for the same qualities. We only hire college educated writers who are passionate about writing, academics, and research. We verify their backgrounds to ensure that they have reached the level of education we desire. We check their references to ensure that they have professional writing experience. Finally, we put them through a training and mentoring program with an experienced staff writer until we are confident they are able to meet our customers’ most stringent requirements. In order to serve all of our customers adequately, we recruit writers from a variety of academic, journalistic and business backgrounds.

Principles of Operation/Code of Conduct

Not only do we have written set of operating principles and a code of conduct, our employees all sign a pledge that they will adhere these principles in every business interaction. Here is what we expect of ourselves and our employees:

  • There is nothing more important than making sure a customer feels valued, respected, and heard.
  • Our business will grow and thrive because of our ethical behavior.
  • We will never profit unfairly or take advantage of our customers.
  • We will acknowledge and fix any mistakes we make without making excuses.
  • We will make a daily commitment to ethics and honesty
  • All writing we produce will be original, customized for each client, and in full adherence with each customer’s instructions

We have never veered away from these principles and our expectations that our employees abide by them without exception. Many people have told us that these ideals are old fashioned and unrealistic. We disagree. We believe that in today's world where the customer is often seen as nothing more than a faceless sense of profit, people need an organization that operates in an unflinchingly ethical manner. Thankfully, this has paid off for us and our customers. We are in a continuous pattern of growth with no end in sight.

Thank You To Our Current Customers

The past few years have been truly amazing for all of us at This is thanks in large part to you our customers. You have allowed us to help you with your research and term papers. We have been proud to help you construct the perfect resume in order to obtain the job of your dreams. You have sent us letters of thanks when your business proposal resulted in a loan. Every time we hear that our writing services have helped another person gain success in their academic or professional careers, we remember why we got into this business in the first place. So, once again, thank you.

To Those Who are Considering the Use of Our Services

We urge you to take the time to study our website and to discover all that we can do for you.

Students:  We have a lengthy history and a successful record of providing academic writing of all genres. Whether you need a simple essay or help with a complex graduate-work, we have writers at all degree levels to create original, scholarly academic works for you. Further, if you are seeking admissions and/or scholarships, we have a great department of creative writers to ensure that your essay or personal statement “pops.”

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