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February 06, 2014 - Posted to Who Will Write My Essay Essay About Me

Writing an essay about you is the very first thing you should expect when joining high school. This type of essay is considered to be one of the easiest among other academic writings. This is because it is centered basically on writing about you. You do not need to do a research on yourself. You know yourself better and can freely write down what makes up you as a person .Apparently, students do not know themselves better. “Writing my essay” to them is like writing a research paper that is very technical. The things you hear from an about me essay my leave you surprised. Just to make sure students enrolling high school get it right ensures you search your character and express it correctly in your essay.

Here are some of the instances that you might be required to write an essay for you.

Writing a cover letter

Cover letter is mainly used when you are applying for a job. A cover letter is a document that will speak more about you besides the curriculum vitae .It is the document that includes your personal traits, skills, accomplishments, goals and the impact you intend to bring to a company. Basically, you will be required to describe yourself.


Dear sir/madam

I would like to apply for the position of graduate trainee in your bank. I am highly interested in the available open position. My academic background entails CPA which have done up to section four at the pinnacles school of business. Besides am also attending part time classes at the University of Cambridge where I am undertaking a degree in Bachelor of Arts, majoring in  sociology and  minor in psychology

I have also worked at UAP Holdings Ltd as a call center agent for a period of two months. Some of my duties as a call center agent included answering telephone call, answered customer queries and informed client by providing and answering questions from the clients.

Additionally I work well with a team, grasp things faster and have good interpersonal skills. My enclosed resume gives more details about my skills and educational background.

I hope you will consider my credentials. Currently am not in any employment field I hope you give me this opportunity at your bank. Feel free to contact me at +9910715665742 or via email at

Personal biography

When instructed to write a personal biography, you need to write an essay about you. List down your personal experiences and life events. Here, you are free to pick and use what you find appropriate. It is not necessary that you include all the life experiences you have had.

The two are just a few of the instances that require you to speak more about yourself. This is the very first kind of essay that should embrace you in the essay writing world. It does not require much formatting, styling and research. You only need to be good at expressing your personal traits down.

Example of “an about me essay”

My life my rules

My name is Lavender Smith. I am a graduate. Everyone can agree that I was a good student and that I liked essay writing, math and science. My second group of favorite subjects was chemistry and biology. I am going to join the United Nations organization because my goal in future is to become a respected professional in one of the fields.
I can say that I am a responsible and a hard-working student girl. Moreover, being a sociable person, I have many friends since I like to communicate with people and get to know new interesting individuals. I enjoy my time at school: it is really nice to study and the students are very friendly and ready to help. The atmosphere cannot but make me want to go there every time. I like to receive and deal with challenging tasks. I am a very enthusiastic and artistic girl and I think this is a strong point of mine.

My friends say that I am a very funny, humble, temperamental and an interesting girl with a good sense of humor. As soon as I meet new people who are happy to meet me, I feel extremely comfortable with them. I believe that friendship is one of the most important values in human life and very hard to find. We exchange new ideas, find many interesting things about each other and experience new things. I appreciate friendship and people who surround me. Every time I do my best to live my life and follow my rules. If you cannot I understand me I am sorry.

Tips on how to write an essay about you

Express your personal traits

It is sarcastic for your first line to read something like, “I am an alien living on the earth”. You should be able to express your personal traits and not things you imagine. It is clearly an essay bout you. Your professor expects to read something about you and be able to judge you perhaps when out there.

Avoid simplified ideas

Do not use short sentences when writing an essay for you. You are a human being and the activities you have engaged in for more than ten years re enough to make longer sentences.

Avoid being vague

This is the best place to give clear definitions of you. Avoid being vague and provide full details about yourself.

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