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Good Persuasive Speech Topics

March 10, 2014 - Posted to Assignment Topics Good Persuasive Speech Topics

The Need to be Witty

The art of making a persuasive speech is centered on your ability to create witty arguments, this is the first thing the professionals here at will advise you. When issued with persuasive speech writing, there is a lot that goes into motion that you have to be careful in observing and in making the right conclusions. You will always need to make your writing out of the knowledge you have accumulated as well as added knowledge that pertains to that particular writing.

Some of this knowledge you can readily learn it here at with some of the most experience and witty writers. This is what we call being witty. It is the attribute of knowing how to make your arguments by supporting it with all the knowledge that you can in your writing. Our professional desk here at normally works with students in their writings to come up with very persuasive writings. What is very basic and crucial with the professionals is that they work with you in learning how to make not just a strong argument but also create an environment in your writing where you are able to explore not just the knowledge you have but also your creativity which comes in handy in basing your arguments.

The Important Steps to Take Note in Your Writing

When confronted with a great need to come up with good persuasive speech topics, there are very vital guidelines you ought to take note of;

  1. Learn how to make a plan. The most persuasive writings come with a well outlined and detailed plan. You have to be ready to carry out the writing before you pick your paper and pen to put down your ideas. What you have to work on as you think of what to write is to get your ideas jotted down in a paper, think of the issues then formulate a plan that will get you there. This always sounds too basic by the many testimonials that come to us at but the emphasis can never be overemphasized. The need to formulate a plan, work with the plan on much of your execution is the only way out in this paper.
  2. Carry out a detailed research. What you need most in this writing is supportive structures to your arguments. In other well spelt out word is ‘knowledge and more knowledge’. You would not want a scenario where your arguments are going to the drain simply because they are not persuasive enough. You would want the professor to feel that you are strong in making decisions, persuasive in speech, thoughtful and resourceful. Here at we ask you to make the persuasive speech your resume of productivity where you prove your worth and the professor is persuaded to believe that you are not just like any other student and whatever you place your hands to do is executed to the best of your knowledge.
  3. Arrange your thought or ideas in a chronological way. The essential element of creating a flow in your writing gives you an edge as a student in coming up with an original well flowing essay. It is normally an art and a discipline that you have to learn and often it is by practice that you sharpen this particular art. When you come here at it is definite that you need help in meeting the objectives of the writing but the much more need that we have to really meet in your life is creating the flow of your thoughts and words to create and deliver a certain meaning or perspective. The professionals here at are driven to help you formulate the possible scenarios in your discussions that you believe you can freely express yourself and drive the points home with less struggle.
  4. It is where you launch your writing with a little bit of introduction then you lead your reader to your thoughts calculatedly to getting your point or argument and persuasion. It is a progressive step taking process where the audience or the reader gets to believe in as much as you do after you have first acted on what may be controversial and finally in a passionate way expressed your thoughts or fears in a particular point in argument. The ideology behind this way of expression is having the courage to prove to the write that you have their best interests in mind and heart and you are inclined to react to the situation out of the limited and challenging situations that surround the controversial issue as you build on the platform what give you an advantage in the writing.
  5. Take note of your paragraphing in your writing. The aspect of paragraphing is very vital to us at We know that the professors may or may not read the whole essay. Therefore it is critical to note that you need to know where what falls into which part to meet you objectives. What we strongly require of you is to make sure the introduction paragraph introduces your writing from what the professor wants to know to what you wish to convey in your writing. Let your point’s fits in the paragraphs as one point for each paragraph as you support your writing with documented evidence that is very informative and persuasive at the same time. Then make your conclusion by touching on the main agenda of your writing in closing your persuasive speech.

Some of the Topics Include

  1. Why taking heavy breakfast is more healthy
  2. A little bit of smoking may be healthy
  3. Waking up early reduces your mental capacity
  4. Why too much learning may be dangerous
  5. The position you sleep affects you mood in the morning
  6. Taking rest may double your metabolism rate
  7. Taking coffee is more beneficial than taking tea
  8. Driving on the center lane is more risky than driving at the outer lanes
  9. Winter causes stress
  10. You are made of what you eat.
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