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Narrative Essay Topics

March 18, 2014 - Posted to Assignment Topics Narrative Essay Topics

How to Write a Narrative Essay

When you are composing a narrative essay, you ought to tell a story about real-life experiences. Everybody loves a story that captures their imagination. As the writer, you need to use a personal experience that you have gone through so that your readers can know the lesson that you learnt from it. When you are penning a narrative essay, you not only want to tell a wonderful story. You also want to tell your readers why your story has meaning. There is a five step process that our professional writers use to write the papers. With you cannot suffer with academic papers once you provide us with the correct instructions to work on them. Our professional writers are ready to take on the academic work on your behalf. You don’t have to pressure yourself with your academic papers.

The Writing Phases

Our professional writers have offered you a five-step writing process that you can use when you are handling the essay on your own. At we believe that the writing practice is a way to empower learners to write better. You may find the following suggestions helpful:

a. The Prewriting Phase- This is the most vital part of the essay. This is the part whereby you should think about your life experiences. When you are selecting an experience that you can write about, remember that even the small incidences of your life can be a good essay topic. When you have a sensitive or an emotional connection to your topic, your essay will be highly effective. Once you have picked out the appropriate topic, you should spend time re-living your memories again. Recall details such as people, objects, seasons and others. Small ideas might communicate bigger stories.

b. The Drafting Phase- Follow the outline that you have, so as to focus or center on the story liveliness. Writing the narrative draft has many techniques. Natural narrative essays are usually written in the first person. “I” is used a lot in the essay which engages the readers. It provides immediacy to the story too. When you are writing the story, don’t overlook some details. It will confuse your readers, and their understanding of the essay. You should provide descriptions and illustrations which are vivid to your readers. Involve your readers as much as possible in the essay. It conveys your experience and significance of what you have gone through to your readers. Don’t avoid using some non-fictional elements in your stories. They will assist you to develop your plot properly.

c. The Revision Phase- The essay is reviewed and modified accordingly in this phase. Your goal is to make your narrative essay the best ever. You should re-read your work at least twice to get a feel of it. This way, you can tell if the essay is easy to understand, and if the progression of events makes sense to the readers. You can also tell if there is information in the essay that could distract the readers’ attention from the subject. When you discover these details, you should eliminate them. You can also determine from the essay if the main message has been relayed to the readers effectively. The conclusion paragraph should help the reader identify with the topic in an in-depth manner. You can also experiment with your essay by revealing the significance of it earlier in the paper, or later when you are writing the conclusion. When you clue your readers in on the significance, it helps them with the understanding of the paper. When you save the revelation to the end, you leave the readers with more to ponder over.

d. The Editing Phase- After you are through writing the draft of your essay, you have to proofread and edit accordingly. You may find the process tiring, and might prefer to get some help from professional writers. will help you out. Our proofreading and editing services are affordable. When you have a friend or fellow student reading your papers before you hand them in for grading will also be helpful. They will assist you to have a fresh perspective to your paper.

e. The Publishing Phase- The sharing process of your essay can be scary and exciting at the same time. It’s the moment when you let your guard down in front of other students and lecturers too. You will be sensitive to your work, and it’s vital that you learn from your experience, and utilize the feedback that you obtain to improve or advance your work.

The Writing Prompts

With, our professional writers can teach you on writing narrative essays. We are a unique essay writing company which handles various types of assignments. We are able to breakdown the assignments into parts that are manageable, and easily understood by young writers. With our help, you can steadily improve your writing skills and confidence. There are innumerable prompts that you can utilize to select your narrative essay topic. These prompts include:

  • Childhood events
  • Goal Achievements
  • Life’s failures
  • Life’s changes
  • Life’s realizations. (The ‘Aha!’ Moments).

When you are writing an essay, your mind might go blank, or too many ideas might be swimming within. All you need to have when you are writing your academic papers is passion. When you are passionate about writing your papers, the topics that you write about become interesting too. The essays are a great opportunity to increase your grade scores without focusing on persuasive writing. When you can reel your readers in with your papers, then you have accomplished your mission. Evoking emotions in readers is a hard task to achieve. Our professional writers have listed a number of topics that might interest you when you are writing a narrative essay.

They include the following:

  • If I was president, how would I run my country?
  • How do I define True Love?
  • This is how I cure my boredom.
  • If only I could read minds.
  • How your best friend can turn to your wickedest enemy.
  • Raising a Pet. Lessons learnt.
  • Failed Marriage. What I could have done differently.
  • What you may not know about me.
  • Fear of failure paralyzed my dreams.
  • My voting experience. My voice heard.
  • The Natural Disaster. I’m a survivor
  • My surgery renewed my faith in medicine.
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