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Persuasive Essay Topics

March 24, 2014 - Posted to Assignment Topics Persuasive Essay Topics

Writing the Persuasive Essay

When you are a student, the lecturers and professors are ready to provide with serious academic work. They bombard you with academic assignments, on a weekly basis, that you don’t have enough time to handle. This really frustrates most students, and they are always ready to seek other channels to work on their academic papers. With, the search for professional writers is over. Once you have singed up or registered with our site, you can be assured that your academic situations are going to be handled accordingly. When your lecturers give you a persuasive essay to write, you may be perplexed on where to start.

The situation means that you have to take a point of view on a topic, similar to a lawyer arguing for his case in front of a jury. Persuasive essays require proper research work, and the awareness of your readers’ opinions. You must also recognize the strengths and challenges of dealing with both sides of the situation. An excellent persuasive essay shows why your opinion as a writer is the correct one, and why the opposing view isn’t. There are many areas in our day-to-day life where persuasive writing is found. This may be from political speeches, advertising and others.

The Writing Process

The main purpose of persuasive writing is to convince your readers about a certain topic, and not to inform them. Our professional writers have come up with a five-step process that you can use to write these essays. When you follow these tips, your persuasive writing skills will definitely improve. They include:-

a) The Prewriting Phase- This is a vital phase in persuasive writing. You should plan everything that you do within this phase. You are expected to choose a stand on the issue that you will advocate for. The audience response also matters, and as the writer of your persuasive paper you must understand your readers’ perspective on the situation. Figure out if your readers are inclined to back one side of the argument or the other. As you carry out the research work, make sure that you come with solid evidence to support your side. You cannot rely on a single source to serve you with the information that you have need of. You can also visit the library to check on the books there for relevant information. Remember also that taking interviews from community members, teachers and your family can also help you to get information that you wouldn’t necessarily get from the books. Make sure that you are taking notes as you carry out the research work. Remember to identify points that will also support the opposing view of the topic getting discussed.

b) The Organization Phase- In this section, you are expected to create an outline that will help you to build evidence to support your argument. The essay contains up to six paragraphs. This includes the following:-

  • The Introduction paragraph-This is the paragraph that is used to grab the attention of the readers. The thesis statement of the essay is contained in this paragraph. It is the sentence that is used to reveal the position of the writer on the matter being discussed.
  • The Body Paragraphs-Every new paragraph should focus on a different point. Make sure that you provide sufficient proof for the information you are relaying in your papers.
  • The Opposing View Paragraph- The paragraph contains the views that go against the writers’ stand on the subject being discussed.
  • The Concluding Paragraph-Is the closer for the essay. It summarizes all the points that are discussed in the paper. It supports the thesis statement, and the major points written in the essay’s body.

c) The Drafting Phase- As you write these phase make sure that the paragraphs are arranges as described in the organization phase. Use facts, and expert quotes to support your argument. Don’t make an assumption that your audience has in-depth understanding of the topic being discussed.

d) The Revision Phase- This phase requires that you review your essay from the start again. This way, you can make your essay into the best writing that your instructors have seen. Make sure that your essay represents the following:-

  • Your firm position on the issue that is being discussed in the essay. Remember to provide supporting evidence in the form of figures, examples, quotes and others.
  • Make sure that the essay starts with a hook that is going to capture the attention of the readers from the start.
  • The essay should provide compelling evidence in support of the writers’ point of view.
  • The opposing view’s points should also be considered, and they should be represented accordingly.
  • The concluding paragraph should also portray the writers’ position on the issue discussed. It will act as an emphasis for the writers’ point of view. It should also convince the reader to act accordingly.
  • Take a look at your thesis argument again to make sure that it’s strongly built and supported with evidence. Once this is done, your essay will stand out accordingly.

e) The Editing Phase- In this section, make sure that you proofread and edit your essay accordingly. Pass it through the plagiarism checker to make sure that there is not copy-pasted information in the essays. Also have your fellow students read the essay to provide you with a fresh eye on the subject.

f) The Publishing Phase- Share the written paper with the rest of the learners in your class. The feedback that you get will assist you in future.

The Topic Selection

Selecting the topic of the essay can also be a struggling task. With the help of professional writers from, this will become a challenge of the past. They have brainstormed on various academic topics which they have outlined for you on our website. They include:-

  • Should cell phones be allowed in high schools and middle schools for students?
  • Should the public colleges be free to attend for the in-state residents?
  • Should college athletes and other sports be paid to play?
  • Should Marijuana be legalized for the purpose of medicinal value?
  • Should it be compulsory for students to take a foreign language course?
  • Should the driving age limit be raised to twenty one years?
  • Should the illegal immigrants be provided with drivers’ licenses?
  • Should notebook computers be the ultimate replacement for students’ textbooks?
  • Should selling candy and other sugary products be a way of raising money for students?
  • Should junk food be served to students during lunch hour?
  • Should girls and boys be allowed to play together in team sports?
  • Should violent video games be confiscated and banned?
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