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Sociology Research Paper Topics

June 13, 2015 - Posted to Assignment Topics Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology Research Paper Topics – the Possibilities are Endless

More than any other field of study, sociology overlaps with a large number of other academic disciplines – psychology, political science, history, education, philosophy, religion, law, medicine, and fine arts, just to name some. If one is looking for sociology research paper topics, then, the options are pretty much wide open. It would be almost impossible for a college student not to be able to find a topic that sparks enough interest to make a research paper somewhat interesting to produce.

Potential Topics

Below is a list and brief explanation of just some of the multitude of sociology paper topics. If none of these is particularly pleasing, a simple Internet search will reveals hundreds more.

  1. Cultural Lag: This is rather a new area of sociology and it relates to the problems and issues of individuals who are living within a culture but not a part of that culture.
  2. Aging: There are entire fields of medicine, psychology and sociology that relate to the growing aging demographic in America. What are the social and economic implications of this growing population?
  3. Cultural Imperialism: How do population groups impose their cultural values and mores on others, and what are common responses?
  4. Environmental Racism: This is the practice of more affluent populations dumping their wastes and destroying environments of less affluent groups that do not possess political power.
  5. Right to Die Controversy: What are the ethical considerations of this phenomenon?
  6. Prostitution in America – history and evolving demographics of this sub-population in America?
  7. Urban Legends: America is full of them. Pick a few and research the history of them as a part of American social experience.
  8. Disappearing Middle Class: What are the implications for society as a whole of this evolving phenomenon?
  9. Birth Order: What is the research pertaining to correlation between birth order and crime, intelligence, and personality?
  10. The Foster Care System: What are the challenges and issues of our current foster care system?
  11. Domestic Abuse: What are the personalities of abuser and victim in these situations? What programs exist to rehabilitate abusers and victims?
  12. Campus Rape: What are the statistics, and what are college doing to prevent incidence and to assist victims?
  13. Family Typology in the 21st Century: The traditional family and family lifestyle is no longer the majority of households today. What are the types of family groupings and lifestyles in America today?
  14. International Adoptions: What are some psychological problems that occur within children who are adopted from foreign orphanages? What is Reactive Detachment Disorder and what treatment options are there for this disorder?
  15. Married and Single Lifestyles: What are the pros and cons of each?
  16. The Sandwich Generation: Explain the issues and stressors of adults who are caring for their children and their parents at the same time?
  17. Suicide in the Military: What are the statistics? What has been the response of the Department of Defense to this tragedy? What psychological/sociological situations contribute to suicide within this demographic?
  18. Poverty and Crime, School Performance, Teen Pregnancy: What conditions of poverty lead to these outcomes?
  19. Gang Membership: What basic needs do gangs meet for their members?
  20. Hate Speech: What is responsible for the increase in hate speech in the 21st century?
  21. Bullying in Schools or in the Workplace: What are common characteristics of bullies at any age? What remedies seem to work?
  22. Teenagers and Suicide, Substance Abuse, Pregnancy, Crime: What psychological characteristics are common to these behaviors?
  23. School Violence: Causes and Successful Remedies

This list is only partial, but certainly should give any sociology student plenty of ideas. Of course, choosing a topic is only the first step. Actually producing the research paper is quite another thing. If you are struggling with research papers, contact a research paper writing service for some professional help.

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