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The 1984, George Orwell Essay – Some Great Topic Possibilities

October 07, 2015 - Posted to Assignment Topics The 1984, George Orwell Essay – Some Great Topic Possibilities

The 1984, George Orwell Essay – Some Great Topic Possibilities

When the year 1984 arrived, people in the Western world revised discussion of Orwell’s 1984, primarily being amused about the things he predicted that would occur by that year but which, of course, had not. Still, Orwell was not incorrect in many of the things he predicted – surveillance cameras, the use of technology to “spy” on people, etc., except those things did not arrive until the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century. So, his predictions were not too far off – just his timing.

Orwell’s Obsession With Totalitarianism

Orwell was a writer who was profoundly concerned about the horrors of totalitarian governments. He wrote during a time when Stalin was the Communist leader in Russia and Franco,the Fascist dictator of Spain. He was extremely worried about the threat that the world faced from totalitarianism, and at least two of his novels reflected that – Animal Farm and 1984. Any book summary on 1984 or essays that you might write, therefore, will of necessity deal with totalitarianism in some facet.

1984, George Orwell Essay Topics

Essay topics dealing with the themes of 1984 all relate in some way to the dangers of a totalitarian government that has the power to control every aspect of its citizens’ lives – thought, speech, and activity. Here are some potential topics for 1984 essays related to those themes.

  1. How does a totalitarian regime use psychological manipulation and brainwashing to control? Can this type of control occur today, given the global access to information via the Internet?
  2. Orwell appears to marvel at the advances of technology and yet warns that it could be used for truly evil purposes. Write an essay on 1984 that discusses whether those dangers still exist today and, in fact, have some of them come to fruition, given the current phone “spying” issue in the U.S.
  3. One of the important points of control in Oceania was the “management” of history and control of the news. Has the U.S. been guilty of such behavior nor or in its past? If so, provide some concrete examples.
  4. How important is language to a society? Write a George Orwell 1984 essay that shows how language was key to control for the Party?
  5. Compare the views of Julia and Winston regarding some of the things that the Party is doing. Why is Julia not bothered by many of those things that bother Winston?
  6. There is a great deal of complaining today that national news organizations deliberately fail to report on certain stories in order to support their political agendas. If this is true, how do Americans go about finding unbiased news reporting? Or do they even want to?

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It is clear that Orwell was truly fearful of what a future Western world would look like and wanted to warn citizens of democratic countries about these possibilities. Is book is a classic because we continue to compare the Oceania political regime and its practices with current practices of governments today.

It is a complicated theme, indeed. For whatever reason, if you are struggling with developing the right topic for your essay, as it may be that the political novels are not of your interest, or if you can't come up with the best topic that suits you - writing an essay on 1984 with Essay Penguins is always a good idea. 

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