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The Frankenstein, Mary Shelley Essay – It’s Not All About the Monster

October 21, 2015 - Posted to Assignment Topics The Frankenstein, Mary Shelley Essay – It’s Not All About the Monster

The Frankenstein, Mary Shelley Essay – It’s Not All About the Monster

Most people do not know that Frankenstein was written during a snowed-in weekend in Switzerland. It was conceived and produced as a part of a contest the Mary Shelley had with her husband and two friends. Obviously, that quickly produced book became a classic of early science fiction.

Most kids and teens laugh at the terrible film versions of Frankenstein and its sequel, Bride of Frankenstein. Considering the science fiction and horror movies produced today, with all of the technology and special effects, most would agree that these early films are pretty “lame.”

It is not until a student studies Frankenstein in college, that it is actually seen as something much more than early science fiction.

The College Frankenstein Essay

Science fiction courses at the college level are taught not because it is a genre of writing that is entertaining and without depth. On the contrary, all science fiction writers, including Mary Shelley, have had important points to make about government, society and human nature. Which comes of importance, when you think how to write a review on Frankenstein. So, if Frankenstein is studied in college, the likely Frankenstein essays that will be assigned will not be related to the plot. Getting beyond the plot and analyzing the characters and the messages they portray will be the stuff of which worthy essays will be written.

A Possible Essay on Frankenstein

There are several potential essay topics if you have options for them. Also don't forget your Frankenstein book summary if you have one, or simply search for it online as it may contain proactive prompts for your essay.

Essays on the Themes of Frankenstein

  1. The danger of the coveting of knowledge without self-control. Dr. Frankenstein pursued knowledge with no self-discipline. Convinced that he could create life in his lab, he did not think of the potential consequences of such an accomplishment. In fact, he knew that others would disapprove and kept his work secret. The 19th century was a turbulent time in the world. Wealthy countries had colonial empires; the industrial revolution and scientific developments were threatening traditional lifestyles. There was fear that the “knowledge revolution” could in fact destroy society completely. In this manner, Frankenstein typified all that many feared.
  2. Another interesting theme in the work is the forces of nature, particularly weather, and its physical and psychological impact on people. A great essay might relate to how weather impacted each of the characters in the story, including Walton, Frankenstein, and the monster.
  3. Another Frankenstein analysis essay might compare and contrast the personalities of Walton and Frankenstein.
  4. The concept of creating life in a laboratory is a reality today. We have clones; we also have biogenetic engineering, in which specific genetic traits can be manipulated before a child is even born. What are your thoughts on these two things? Has science moved into areas that should require regulations? Many believe that science has overstepped reasonable boundaries with these advances, and that the potential for harm is great.

The study of Frankenstein raises a number of issues that are quite relevant to contemporary society, just as most science fiction does.

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