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Here at, the word “custom” controls all that we do – custom service, custom research, custom writing, and custom editing. What this means for our clients is this:

  • Each order  placed receives individual and personalized attention
  • Each order is assigned only to a qualified researcher/writer
  • Each order will be created according to the client’s instructions
  • Each completed order will be a fully original piece of writing.

How does our custom essay writing service ensure that this is what happens? Read on.

The Ordering and Production Process

  1. A client places an order, using the form on our site. This form has fields that allow for all of the details of the order to be provided. We urge our clients to give us as much detail as possible, so that we may assign a suitable writer. If there are details that are not covered by any of our form fields (usually large and complex orders), please contact our customer support department (phone, email, live chat – 24/7) so that we can get all of the details. We want your finished product to be just as you want it to be!
  2. We assign a writer. Writers are assigned based upon the details of your order and your level of academic study. More about our writers shortly!
  3. You receive a personal account portal on our site. We confirm you order via email and then set you right up! You can access your account portal to check on your order, to speak to your writer directly, and to receive questions from your writer. This continued communication is important if we are to create custom essays and papers for our customers.
  4. You review your completed piece of writing and either approve it or ask for revisions. Revisions are completed quickly and at no charge. Once you click the “approve” button, your essay or paper is ready for download to your own device.

Here’s the bottom line: We want every customer completely satisfied with the written works that s/he receives, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that satisfaction. Writers

Our writers are just the best in the business – we know this because we select them so carefully. They have to undergo a rigorous application and approval process, so that we know they are legitimately qualified to produce academic/professional writing in their subject fields. Once a writer is employed by us, we ensure that:

  1. S/he is only assigned to orders for which his/her academic and writing background is correct.
  2. S/he is only assigned orders at academic levels that are below his/her degree level. For example, if an undergrad wants a paper for an economics course, a writer with a Master’s degree in economics will be assigned.
  3. The writer is fully available to complete the project within the deadline parameters of the customer

Custom written essays and papers can only be produced when these practices for writer employment and assignment are in place!

Types of Products We Offer – Much More Than Just Essays

Because we have worked so hard to develop our team of expert writers, we are able to offer all of the following to our customers:

Academic Products

  • Essay and papers on any topic, no matter what the academic level
  • Case studies and lab reports
  • Book and movie reviews
  • Analysis and response works
  • Presentations, abstracts, annotated bibliographies
  • Difficult homework and project assignments, particularly in math and science
  • Graduate level projects, proposals, theses and dissertations

Professional Products

  • Resumes, CV’s and cover letters
  • Grant and research proposals
  • Articles for professional publications


  • Reports and presentations
  • Business Plans and Proposals
  • White Papers
  • E-Guides and Manuals
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Blog Posting
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Profiles and Postings

Indeed, custom essay writing services at does it all!

Policies and Guarantees from

You will find, on our site, a full listing of our policies and guarantees, and we urge you to read through them so that you understand exactly how we do business. To provide just a short summation of them, however, we will list the highlights:

  1. Privacy: We understand the need for confidentiality and protection of the privacy rights of all of our customers. To this end, we want you to know that we will never reveal that you have made use of our services to anyone. We do not sell or distribute your information to anyone else, ever. Even your writer will only know you by your first name.
  2. Payment Security: When you purchase items or services from online retailers, you always look for that green padlock so that you know your financial information is encrypted and protected. You will find that padlock on our site, because we use an SSL-secured third-party processor just like all major retailers. To date, there have been no breaches of our system, and we do not expect any.
  3. Revisions: Customer requests for revisions are rare, because we get so much detail about an order and because the writer always has contact with the customer during the creation process. But, occasionally, there may have been a mis-understanding, and the customer want something changed. We are happy to do this, and all you have to do is click the “revision request” button on your account page and let the writer know what you want. It is all done very quickly!
  4. Plagiarism: This is always a fear of people when they use any custom essay company. We have all of the systems in place to guarantee that you never receive a plagiarized piece of writing. First, our writers know that they will no longer have a job is they engage in this activity. Second, we have a quality control department that checks every finished product by running a plagiarism scan. We have never had an instance of plagiarism, just so you know.
  5. Ownership: Once a customer has approved and taken delivery of a written product, we delete it from our system. This is a layer of protection to ensure that the original piece that was prepared for you will belong only to you and will never be shared or re-sold to another. You paid for it – you own it, just like any other product you buy!

It just doesn’t get any better than! When you need an essay or any other type of writing, we are here 24/7, and you can always count on us to deliver high quality, customized service, and a great experie4nce!

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