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How is different to all the rest?

For a start, our Writers are hard working professionals with years and years of writing experience. Their ability to produce customised papers from instructions given by the customer is second to none. For more information about how exactly our writing service works, and how it will work for you, you can go to our How it Works page for more information. 

Can I get a free no-obligation quote?

You certainly can. All you need to do is submit a request on our website and wait for someone to get in touch with you. The more information and details about your requirements the easier it will be for us to make an estimate.

Can I request a free writing sample?

Yes. We provide you with a 100 word sample from a number of different Writers and later you can choose your best one. When you are 100% ready to assign this Writer, the required payment is taken and that is when the Writer can start working on your paper.

How do I send additional materials to the Writer?

The wise option would be to send these extra materials that you require the Writer to use for your paper in the same initial email you send detailing your instructions. This just means that the Writer can start working immediately on your paper, not having to worry about you sending more materials along in the middle of the process.

What happens if I forget to provide some important materials and want to add them later?

We all make mistakes or forget details from time to time. Although it isn’t recommended, you are allowed to add other essential information bearing in mind these deadlines:

48 hour to 14 days completion deadline requires you to send it in the following eight (8) hours.

12 hours to 24 hours completion deadline requires one (1) hour

12 hours deadline or less completion deadline requires thirty (30) minutes.

If you fail to adhere to these deadlines then you must accept that we will charge an extra fee for adding last minute materials.

What formatting styles are available at

We are so used to writing academic papers that we have vast array of styles available to you, which you can select upon ordering your paper. The styles we have available at present are; MLA, APA, Turabian and Chicago. The Writers know these styles inside out and follow the rules meticulously. On the other hand, if you don’t require any particular style and you only want a plain Word document, you can just choose the ‘not relevant’ option.

Will my paper be ready on time?

We endeavour to deliver all papers within the specified deadlines, an agreement made between the customer and their Writer. Adding extra materials at last minute can cause delays so it is advisable to put everything in one initial email. We also advise you to choose a reasonable deadline so that you have time to check your paper before your own deadline.

How do I monitor the progress of my order?

The current status of your order will be regularly updated and includes the following:

Order unpaid - The order must be paid for before the Writer is allowed to start working on it.

Research started - Payment has been successful and your instructions become available to the writers in that particular academic field.

In preparation - Your order has been assigned to a Writer.

Order complete. Review - This is where you are able to download the document as it has been finished and uploaded onto your personal customer account.

Revision - This mean you have sent the document back to be revised according to customer instructions.


Can I communicate with my Writer?

Of course! It’s important that you can contact your Writer and they can contact you throughout the whole process so we have put in place a messaging system where you can keep each other up-to-date, ask questions and so forth.

How is my Writer selected and is this person qualified?

All of our Writers have qualifications in different educational backgrounds and they are hand-picked according to your requirements and field of study. We choose someone who has years and years of experience handling the kind of paper you require. We have many Writers from so many different fields, so there will always be someone well- suited to the job.

What if I’m not happy with my Writer?


If the Writer hasn’t met your expectations then you will need to place a claim with us where experts can assess the evidence you provide and make a fair and reasonable decision. If your claim is acceptable and the Writer hasn’t performed the necessary requirements then we will assign another Writer to your paper free of charge. If your claim is unfounded, you will have to pay again and choose another Writer you feel more comfortable with.


Are my personal details safe with you?

Yes, 100%. At we can guarantee that your personal details will be saved on our secure database with restricted access. We guarantee that your information will not be passed on in any way shape or form to third parties. The only reason we collect data from our customers is to enhance our service for them.

Can anyone find out I’ve been using this Writing Service?

Your purchase is 100% confidential and absolutely nobody, not even your Professor, will know that you have been using this service. Our staff have signed non-disclosure agreements not permitting them to share any details outside of the service.

How can I be certain my paper isn’t plagiarized?

The paper is customized for you completely from scratch, 100% free from plagiarism and put through a rigorous process by our quality assurance team. If you are in doubt, we can send you a quality report free of charge. 

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