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We take your academic and business reputation seriously. This is why we completely guarantee all of the content we write is 100% original.

We do not accept any work from our writers at that contains any content that is not original or that is not properly cited. Our writers go through a training program where the importance of providing original content is strongly emphasized throughout. Our writers know that they must write each paper from scratch, and they know the consequences for the customer and themselves if they do  not. In order to verify that no content  has been plagiarized, our quality assurance staff goes over each deliverable before it is sent to the customer. If any content is not original, or not properly cited, it is returned to the writer for revision. We take these steps to make sure that you never receive a paper with plagiarized content.

Our writers make a pledge with us that the content they provide is well written and completely original. No source material will be directly used in the body of an essay or paper. Instead, the writer will used approved methods of quoting, paraphrasing, and restating. All mandatory citations will be included in text, and as part of the works cited page or bibliography. When the writer has completed the initial draft, they submit it to our quality assurance staff. There it is analyzed for any content that may not be completely original. If there are any issues, the writer will fix them. By the time a paper is ready for customer review, it is guaranteed to be completely original.

If you have concerns or suspicions about originality, we request that you contact us immediately. We will take the time to look over the deliverable and run an additional scan for your peace of  mind. If there is any problem, we will revise for free. Our papers will always pass a plagiarism scan through If you truly believe your paper has been plagiarized, we will only review your situation if you include an accompanying report verifying your claim.

We would never risk our reputation as a content provider or your business/academic reputation by misrepresenting another writer's work as our own.

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