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Mba Admission Essay

At a certain period of our life a very important and solemn thought crosses our mind. When we grow up we all start thinking about our future career and our future life. It may be due to the enormous ambitions or self-assurance but we all want to be successful and to manage to find our passion in life. And reaching this goal often takes much time and many years of hard work and patience.

What can be called passion in life? This is a very strong and powerful emotion that is constantly on our mind, a desired object of great enthusiasm. Right now I have already reached a certain point in my life and I am eager to make the next step and not to stay put. My life experience and educational background serve me as a certain anchor and basis in order to further my potential and to develop all my current skills.

I am sure that it is possible to further my current knowledge and experience by taking and completing classes in the sphere of financial management. Moreover, getting a degree and reaching all the goals in this area will definitely help to significantly add value to my career. In order to know more about the global financial market and to be well informed about all the latest developments it is really important to take an MBA.

I am inclined to think that it is better to build your career when you are young and when you have numerous ambitions and when you are full of energy. That is why I’ve decided to apply for MBA admission. I am sure that this program will help me to improve my personal and professional skills and at the same time I am totally sure that I will also be able to become successful and I will constantly reach all the goals.

Right now I am public health science major at University of California Irvine. I was always interested in business. This sphere of activity was extremely close and important for me. Moreover, it can be said that my whole family is my business. And I’ve got much experience and knowledge simply from observing the way they work.

It is quite obvious for me that having a proper education is really essential and that it can help us to reach certain goals. Otherwise, poor education can become the main obstacle in competing with other educated people owning business and in having your own successful business.

One more bright example was my uncle’s business. I saw his restaurant business fail because of his lack of knowledge in business, education and bad decision. That was quite serious and such course of events influenced me a lot. It helped me understand that in order to have a really good business it is essential to be a professional in this sphere and to understand all the slightest details concerning it.

It is far not enough only to have some great business idea and motivation. It is also essential to have certain clarity on how to manage finance, company and other details. In order not to let things fell apart and to be able to realize all the ideas it is necessary to have certain experience and knowledge in managing finance for every company. Having a clear picture of all the main parts of business is essential. That is why I got extremely interested in getting the required persuasive skills and knowledge in finance and leadership.

And one more completely different example is my other uncle that has achieved his MBA in finance. Finally I’ve managed to see him recently and I saw him working with his colleagues and then I realized that I have the passion or the team work MBA requires. It is difficult to achieve certain goals without a team work. Only in such a way it is possible to have the best result.

Evaluating the experiences of my relatives and having an opportunity to observe their life and business helped me understand what I really wanted from my life and what my main values were. I’ve gradually managed to create a certain plan for my future career. This experience helped me to choose my future profession and to understand what really is important and vital for me in this life. In such a way MBA has become my passion in life. And this idea is quite strong and definite for me right now.

I want to follow my uncle’s footsteps and I hold him up as an example. It does not matter much whether I work in public or private sector. The main purpose is to get the required knowledge and to be a real professional. Getting an MBA is like asset to my life. Moreover, I really like this sphere of business and I am sure that I can gain impressive results.

I’m interested in MBA because this will give me a chance to polish my asset or gift that I have so I can use it in order to take the business to next level. Constant self-development is essential in order to have better results. That is why every good professional has to update and improve his knowledge constantly. The whole world is changing and it is essential to be aware of all the slightest innovations and changes. We should be ready to survive absolutely various challenges and it is possible to perform this task and also to get the desired remarkable experience and results only with the help of hard work and diligence in all the deeds and acts.

An MBA program will definitely help me to systematize all my knowledge and experience of the core financial functions. Moreover, I will be able to develop my analytical skills and this will make my process of learning various finance tools and techniques easier. Having a good financial management is definitely a very important aspect of every company. And I would like to learn how to keep the company prosperous through examining certain ratios and indexes.

Moreover, an MBA program can definitely help me to sharpen my analytical skills that will help me to be quite successful and professional in corporate finance. Proper concentration in finance and an opportunity to strengthen the global business perspective and several more factors will definitely help me to learn extensively and thoroughly.

Nowadays more and more types of business reach a global size and in order to remain successful and prosperous it is essential to understand all the foundations of this aspect and to be a real professional in the sphere of international business. It has become quite essential nowadays to know how to deal with various business partners from different countries. Due to the process of globalization more and more international affiliates appear in the world and in order to keep up with all the recent tendencies and changes it is essential to constantly improve your knowledge and get some new experience in this sphere.

I am really interested in MBA because this program provides all the required knowledge and basic experience concerning the business sphere and the global financial market. Nowadays it is necessary to use modern approaches in order to be competitive and successful. Removing the existing national borders and cooperation with international companies and various affiliates is a very solid approach to business. I want to get the required experience of communication with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Such knowledge is one of the main aspects that should definitely be achieved during the process of completing MBA program. I have a strong interest in trade and its main principles. Besides, I would like to find out more about the most essential elements of financial management and economics.

It is quite necessary to have an opportunity to be able to study, to communicate and to learn certain things from people with absolutely various backgrounds. Luckily I have got certain experience in this sphere and it helps me to understand what I really want. I have an experience of working on a wide variety of assignments. Each assignment helped me to strengthen and to improve my analytical and problem-solving skills. I am sure that such knowledge is really essential for a good professional. Moreover, I learned more about the main functions of business and the whole structure of it in the contemporary world. Being aware of the main distribution functions and knowing how to manage manufacturing properly is essential for every professional.

I have a very strong belief in myself and I am absolutely sure that MBA program is for me. This is the sphere of life that I am planning to connect my future life with. That is why I will try my best to get as much as possible from this education. Far not every day we have such an opportunity to communicate and to co-operate with different professionals and highly-qualified people. It is essential to value such an experience and to try to use it fully. Moreover, I am planning to take courses exploring business strategy and finance.

We all have certain abilities and knowledge. However, obtaining knowledge is not enough. It is essential to know how to use it properly in the definite sphere and in a rather effective way. Developing your capabilities and working on your weak points is one of the main factors of every education. Completing MBA program will definitely improve my current life and my knowledge.

Moreover, I am eager to interact and communicate with highly qualified and talented students. I guess we all can co-operate somehow and share our experience. I believe that it is possible to learn more if you are surrounded by clever and interesting people that have similar interests with you.

Accept certain professional business related skills I am also eager to develop a strong work ethic and a goal-oriented nature. With these qualities I will definitely be able to create prospective business and be a real professional.

I am sure that in order to gain perfect results it is essential to combine great personal and professional skills. That is why I hope to have an opportunity to complete MBA program and show this world my personality and my potential.

Right now I am ready to take the next step toward my dream. I am sure that I will cope with MBA program content and its main aspects. My motivation is strong enough and it helps me to reach all my goals and to believe in my own strength.

My main purpose and motivation is to understand the possible diverse set of experiences in their proper context and in such a way I will definitely be able to create and obtain a really strong foundation that can influence my consulting and moreover, my future business career. I am eager to get all the required knowledge and experience that will help me to have a successful career.

Improving my skills and abilities in leadership and finance is very important. I am also eager to find out and learn more about the network of people of common interests and about the basic elements of contemporary network and direction. Working in an area of corporate finance attracts me a lot and I guess I will connect my future job and career with this sphere. I am planning to work up in leadership positions and get all the necessary experience and knowledge of this sphere.

MBA is my passion in life that gives me certain belief and hope for having a possibility to do what I like and what I am interested in. Moreover, I am totally sure that I tend to the sphere of business and to everything connected with it.

Only with the help of the constant process of self-improvement it is possible to achieve the desired results. And I am ready to spend as much time and capacities as it is required in order to be a highly-qualified and quite experienced person.

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