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Modern Asian History

Modernization, westernization, imperialism and nationalism greatly affected the Ottoman Empire and resulted to its downfall. The Ottoman Empire had most of its population comprising of the Turkish people, Answers Corporation 2010. The waves of nationalism which swept through Europe made the people to start thinking of themselves as one people for example the people started thinking of Italy as a country but not as a geographical location Bose S. and Jalal A (38). Nationalism caused the unification of countries hence the birth of countries like German and Italy. The birth of countries brought chaos to the Ottoman Empire where people were mixed up as they tried to fight for independence and freedom in the empire. Nationalism brought displacement among the Turkish and Greek people. Nationalism made the elites of the minority groups in the Ottoman Empire see the need of acquiring their own states. The Ottoman Empire was also affected by imperialism. This is because the Europeans took control of the empire because they were more powerful. Westernization in the Ottoman Empire led to the invention of totally new and modern things in the empire. This was the work of the elites and they came up with modern methods of leadership and governance.

Religion was used as a nationalistic tool in west Asian states. In Turkey, nationalism involved the relationship between different religious groups, Bose S. and Jalal (43) A. People had to change their religions to become Turkish. There was Islamic nationalism hence we can say that religion was used as a tool for nationalism. The media clouded the nationalistic issues because in turkey, the military felt that European Union wanted to divide turkey and they were seen as supporting the parties that were enemies to the Turkish people.

According to Stewart, the primary causes of the continued conflicts and challenge to stability in Middle East was first the lack of water and thus people were fighting for it. There was also a religious conflict because the Israelites and the Arabs could not agree on who was to own the land. The other cause of conflict was because of the oil that they mine there since they all wanted to be in charge of. There was also a problem with the leaders because they were corrupt. The last reason for the continued conflict was that of food insecurity. To amend the situations leading to the continued conflict, they could elect leaders who were not going to be corrupt. The oil wells could also be shared well to ensure that they all got benefit from the resource. Lastly, they could import food from outside and ensure that there was food security.

Imperialism is the domination of a particular country, nation, political power or region by another, Answers Corporation 2010. Imperialism leads to the taking over of a country or territory by another country or territory which is stronger. Modernization on the other hand is the self-conscious effort that is made by a nation or state to govern, organize and lead its people in a more rational way. Westernization is the process of searching for modernity. Modern globalization has affected the culture of the people in west Asia. The culture of the Turkish people was influenced by the European culture.

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