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Negative Letter

Bravo travel has always been one of the most respectful agencies in the sphere of travelling services. The agency disposes the best professional working staff. However, there are cases of negative communication even among well qualified and reserved managers.

During smoke breaks or at lunch time many workers discuss the agenda of the current working day. It is widely accepted among the workers to negotiate on some particular urgent issues or discuss vividly some personal problems during the break. However, we encountered the urgent necessity to argue with one of the translation managers of our firm. The contradiction was triggered by the ultimately inadequate rude and unwarranted reaction on the remark concerning the rightness of the translated document by one of the co-workers. It was obvious that the colleague simply wanted to help and did not intend to offend the colleague. Indeed, he was ultimately tactful and did not mean to joke at all. He basically pointed out a very rude mistake that might have led to the distortion of the document’s value. It is widely accepted that translation is a very painstaking activity with the high level of responsibility, especially when it touches the prosperity and reputation of the organization. Thus, our team encountered the negative communication experience. In the end, the issue was settled; however, the offended worker could not bridge a gulf with his fellows for a while. In addition, the colleagues lost the feeling of trust for some time as well, because it was quite an unpleasant corporate incident. However, no one reported the CEO, though the worker behaved against the company policy and ethics.


In writing the letter I was trying to follow the main principles of formal writing. Namely, avoiding contracted forms, colloquial vocabulary, etc. Besides it was quite important to stick to the appropriate formatting of the letter according to the execution of negative letters. Despite the fact it was not quite a negative letter, but the description of negative communication case, it was important to avoid specific personalization. The principles used in creating the letter are appropriate to the situation described and are quite adequate and applicable to the negative situation description.

Anyway the letter should be polite, tactful and ultimately objective. It should not contain any judgments or personal attitudes towards the case. The depiction of situation is written neutrally, indifferently, what is considered to be not less important. It is deprived of personal critics, as well. However, it is essential in formal writing to stick to the specific execution of the papers like in a case of execution of any kind of the document.

Moreover, speaking about the psychological aspect of choosing the principles of writing the negative letter, it is important to write it without any intention to offend the person or render the situation in the view of its positivity or negativity, but display it under objective scrutiny. The substance and the form are relatively equal, but in this very particular case the principles of writing rather differed, because this was not a personal reprimand or a personal critique. Thus, in writing the description of negative communication case it was preferable to resort to the above mentioned principles in order to stick to the language of official documentation and formal correspondence.

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