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At, we get it. Students like you come up against all kinds of issues and emergencies, and, when that happens, school work almost always suffers. And when that work suffers, grades go down, sometimes impacting a final course grade badly. When you face a deadline that you know you will not make, it is time to get in touch with and let us come through for you. Producing a research paper may be laborious and unpleasant for you, but our writers write research papers every day, love their jobs, and are part of a team that has every curricular area and every academic level “covered.”

The Writers We Employ

It has not been easy to develop and maintain the expert writers that we have. In fact, it has taken a lot of years and time, because we are so selective in who we employ. And we continue to add to our staff, because as curriculum evolves, new degreed experts are in demand. And we have writers with all levels of degrees in their fields, so that we can provide academically-correct writing for any customer.

A strong work ethic on the part of our writers is critical to our success and to our customers’ satisfaction. Thus they commit to the following:

  • When they accept an assignment, they accept all of the instructions and specifications that come with it. This means that they honor the research requirements, the length, the academic level of the client, the format style, the deadline, and any other instructions that have been given.
  • They use only authentic resources – resources that are again verified by our editing staff as a further safeguard.
  • They use resource materials, writing styles, and vocabulary that are appropriate for the client’s level of study. If a customer has uploaded required resource materials, the writer will use them.
  • They begin each writing assignment from scratch, so that every sentence is original, every quotation and any information/concept/idea is cited properly, and the entire piece will pass our editors’ scan for plagiarism.
  • If a deadline is quite urgent, they will work to meet that deadline, through the night if necessary.

They stay in contact with the customer, as necessary, until the work is finished and delivered, and will make revisions to a final draft if these are requested.
Our writers only receive assignments for which they are qualified, and we very carefully match every order to the correct expert. Your writer will always be at least one degree level above your current level of study, and his/her degree will be in the same field as the topic of your paper.
If you have concerns about your writer’s “style” being different from yours and that difference being detected by an instructor, we ask that you upload a copy of something you have written to your writer through your account page, so that it can be emulated.

So, when you say, “Write my research paper for me,” we guarantee that it will be according to your instructions, plagiarism-free, and fully ready for you to submit for a grade. We also want you to know that never will your paper be seen anywhere by anyone else. It is your property once you take delivery. At no time do we ever hold onto written work that we produce for our customers.

Quality and Service

Just as we know that the highest quality of custom writing is critical to our reputation, we also know that our customers expect and appreciate the high level of service they receive when they come to us for their writing needs. In fat our service commitment is another thing that sets us apart from most other writing companies. If you have ever used another writing service, you probably placed an order, paid your money, and never heard from them again until you received your final product. And if you were unhappy with what you got, you had no recourse – emails went unanswered, and there was no contact phone number either.

  • When we write a research paper for you, we want your input, we want to keep you apprised of progress, and we want to hear from you during and after your experience with us. To ensure that you can always get in touch, we have the following systems in place:
  • We remain open 24 hours a day, and you can chat, call, or email at any time. All of our contact methods are published in several places on our site, and we encourage our customers to use them often.
  • Every client is provided a personal account portal, for purposes of continued communication. When you get your account, please access it, so that you know all that you can do through it, including:
  • Communicating directly with your writer. Your writer will also contact you via this portal, so be sure you check it often.
  • Sending messages to the customer service department
  1. Requesting detailed reports of progress, especially when your paper or project is really lengthy and complex
  2. Receiving the finished paper and review it for approval
  3. Requesting revisions if you want anything changed on the final draft of your paper
  • Sometimes, customers have requests for academic writing that go beyond the scope of our order form. This is certainly true for major graduate-level research projects. If you have such a need, we ask that you contact our customer service department first, in order to discuss the project requirements. We will then be able to give you a proper price quote and put you immediately in touch with a Ph.D. academician from you field. Such projects require lots of discussion and usually a progressive set of delivery deadlines, and your personal writer/consultant will follow your specifications precisely.

We will never be unreachable and will respond to any questions you have from the ordering process through delivery and after. Good communication is vital to our success and your happiness. And, remember, no question is too silly, especially if you are new to us and our processes.

We will also ask for your feedback after each experience you have with us. This is the only way that we can continue to improve our services to you and others.


When we write research papers for you, it is our goal to charge a fair and reasonable price. Because of the quality of our writers, we obviously cannot charge the cheap prices that most other services do. But, we believe we have the right pricing for the quality we produce, and your price will be shown as soon as you complete your order and before you click “Submit.” The price we initially charge will not change – no hidden fees. Plus, we give you some free pages that others do not – title, bibliography and table of contents. And we offer great discounts and special offers that are always published on our site.

Prices depend upon a lot of things – genre, requirements for research, your academic level, and length to name a few. The other pricing variable is your deadline. If you say, “Write a research paper for me in 14 hours,” your cost will be more than someone who gives us a deadline of 4 days – that’s only fair. is ready to take your order right now. Let us show what quality and service in this business really mean!

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