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Well, you have some options, of course. You can try to find a friend and offer to pay him/her to write it. Maybe a brother or sister will, if you promise to be his/her “slave” for the next month or two. You could go online and find something that might work, download it, put you name on the title page and hope you won’t get caught. Alas, none of these options is really workable. Your friend has his/her own paper to write; your sibling is not a very good writer; and your instructor has pretty good plagiarism-detection software that will flag your paper immediately. You have three days left and you are about to go into panic mode. Stop. Breathe. And then calmly come to and get a personal term paper writer who will have an original, custom paper ready for you in three days. Doesn’t this sound like the right solution? Of course it does, because it is!

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While we were all growing up, our moms told us that bragging about ourselves was rather rude behavior. Now that we are adults, however, and in the business of being the best online writing service there is, we will brag. It is our right to let all of our customers and potential customers know just what makes us the best source for term papers.

Our Writers Guarantee Top Quality

Term papers come in all “shapes and sizes.” At the high school level, they tend to be more informational in purpose, though occasionally they will involve a thesis statement that includes the student’s opinion about the subject. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, topics become more complex and a thesis statement that speaks to the purpose of the paper is imperative. Obviously, to meet all of these different needs, we need a variety of writers, and that is just what we have.

So, when you say, “Write my term paper for me,” we will ask you to give us all the details. What is the topic? Do you have a thesis or do you need your writer to develop one? What is your academic level? How many pages? How many resources? Are certain resources required? What format should be used? And, of course, what is your deadline? Your details will determine the writer we assign.

If you are a high school student in need of a term paper on the causes of the Civil War, for example, you will need a writer with a Bachelor’s degree in U.S. history; if, on the other hand, you are an undergraduate student writing on the same topic, you may have a thesis statement that the single most important cause of the Civil War was the unresolved issue of the powers of the federal government vs. powers of state governments. You will need a writer with a Master’s degree in U.S. history. Resources for these two papers will also be very different.

Each writer is assigned according to the details of your order, and that writer will begin your paper from scratch. It will be a custom paper, written only for you, delivered by your deadline, and then dumped from our system, so that it can never be used by anyone else or show up anywhere else on the Internet.

Our Service Guarantees Communication and Transparency: We have a great group of customer service professionals whose purpose is to receive orders, to assign the correct term paper writers, and to be available to customers around the clock. Yes, we stay open 24 hours a day to receive your calls, emails and requests for live chat. Whether you need help filling out the order form or have questions about the process, they are here to assist.

Communication and transparency go hand-in-hand of course. So as soon as your order is received, a service rep will set up a personal account page for you on our site. This will allow you to message your writer; it will allow your writer to contact you with questions s/he may have; you can also upload resources and additional information for your writer. Direct communication prevents mis-understandings and results in customers getting exactly what they want. And when your paper is finished, it is delivered to your account page for your review and approval.

When you choose to write a term paper for you, you really have a team of people working together to ensure that you get exactly what you need. Other writing services do not provide for this kind of communication, probably because they are not using qualified writers and don’t have any customer service departments.

Our Guarantees Give You Peace of Mind: You will not find another writing service that provides the guarantees that we do. When any student says, “Do my term paper,” to us, the following are immediately in place:

  • No Plagiarism: Our writers are all professionals with academic backgrounds. They never engage in unprincipled practices, such as plagiarism. Just to be certain, however, every paper is run through a software scan to ensure originality. You never have to fear plagiarism in a product from
  • Revisions: If you are not happy with any part of your paper, you can request changes through your account page. Tell your writer what you want changed, and it will be done without any extra charge.
  • Privacy: You probably don’t want others knowing that you are using our service. We protect that privacy by never revealing the names of our customers to anyone else. Your personal information is encrypted within our system, and you are “known” by a customer number. We also use an SSL certified payment processor, so your financial information is secure.
  • Ownership: We often get the question, “How do I know that my term paper will not be sold to someone else?” When you take receipt of your paper, we transfer ownership of that piece of writing to you and we wipe it from our system. It never existed before it was written for you, and it will never exist afterward, except in your hands.

We clearly have thought of everything in setting up our writing service, so that customers get the quality, the service, and have the confidence that they need when they order any type of writing from If you want all of these things, you will only want us to create your term papers.

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